Week 2-3 Plan


Divide into small groups:  

Introduction Group iMovie or Explain Everything on one iPad
  • Take a picture of each person and/or find a picture that represents an aspect of their life (sport, food, social justice aspect they care about).  
  • Each person records voice over the picture saying why they are here, an interesting thing about themselves,  a motto that describes their life, etc. (Storyboard so each person is prepared with what they will say)
  • And/or... Create short video clips where each (or some people) tell why they are here, an interesting thing about themselves, a motto that describes their life, etc. And splice them together in a video.

Add music (optional), but make sure it isn't louder than the speaking.
Publish to Blog.   Ideally, we could come back together last 5 minutes or watch together on Mon.

Storyboard for pre-production phase
Video Production Process

If they finish...
Go over some basics of iPad.  Let students begin playing on the iPads.
1.  Take a picture and delete it.
2. Take a short video and delete it.
3. Begin playing with Explain Everything App or iMovie (Staff choice which to use this week.)


Andrea (make sure pictures from rope course are up on dropbox)

Ropes Course Videos  (partners)  Make one video together.

(5 min) Staff leader demonstrates app (iMovie or Explain Everything)  Link to iMovie tutorial
(10 min) Gather pictures with your partner
(15 min) Storyboard what you will say on each slide
(15 min) Practice and record
(5 min) Save and/or publish
  • Step 1: Find 2-4 pictures that show your experiences on the rope course (Use Explain Everything App or iMovie) to create a video.
  • Challenge: Add a short video clip of yourself talking about the experience.
  • Step 2: Storyboard
Here are some questions to get you started for story boarding.
Describe your experience at the challenge course. 
  • What did you do?  
  • What were your goals? Did you accomplish them? 
  • How did you feel before, during, and after the experience? 
  • What did you learn?  
  • What did you learn about your potential? Explain. 
  • How will you use this knowledge to make yourself a stronger leader?
Curso de Desafios: Describe tu experiencia en el curso de desafio. Que hiciste? Cuales fueron tus metas? Cumpliste tus metas? Como te sentiste antes, durante, y despues de tu experiencia? Que aprendiste? 

Possible starters:
  • When I first got at the challenge course, I felt... because
  • During the challenge course, I felt .... because
  • After the challenge course, I felt.... because
  • I learned..... about myself from this experience.  
  • As a result of the challenge course experience, I feel... 


Staff:  Choose one of these options.

Andrea (make sure pictures are up on dropbox)

Video discussion

Group Topic Video Option 1:
1.  Small groups will brainstorm topics of importance to them.  These topics may come from concepts from the institute classes or relevant topics to their lives.  (5 min)
2. Choose a topic and decide the approach to the video  (i.e.4 people on one iPad or partners)  (5 min)
3. Gather pictures or make short video clips
4. Storyboard what you will say on each slide
5. Practice and record
6. Edit
7. Save and/or publish 
(Some time will be given on Thursday, but if you finish this early, it will be fun to make a music/photo video on Thursday.) 

OMLI Language Video Challenge Option 2:
(5 min) Staff leader demonstrates app and go over directions.  (iMovie or Explain Everything)
(10 min) Gather pictures with your partner
(10 min) Storyboard what you will say on each slide
(15 min) Practice and record
(5 min) Edit
(5 min) Save and/or publish

OMLI Language: leadership, potential, relationships, community, problem solving, setting goals, choices, etc. 
Step 1: Find 3- 5 pictures that demonstrate 1-3 of the words from OMLI
Example: find a picture of yourself problem solving (or make a short video of yourself problem solving) and talk about how you problem solve and why it is an important skill.
Example: Draw the phrase "Leadership" and discuss what you have learned about leadership and what a leader means to you.
Example: Find or draw a picture of a "goal" you have.  Tell what it is and explain the steps you might take to achieve it.
Example: Make a short video clip that gives the definition of a word, such as "choices." Tell what the word means to you and how it will impact your future.
Step 2: Storyboard
Step 3: Record.
Step 4: Publish

Where I Am From Poems from week 1 Option


 Andrea (make sure pictures are from coast are up on Dropbox)

(15 min)
What is the "message" in this video?
How does it relate to what you have learned at the MLI?
How will you use what you have learned about this topic in your future?

Pursuit of Happiness

Astronaut on Goal Setting?

Rube Goldberg Machine Powered by Dogs


(30 min.)
  •  finish video from Tue.   
  • Blog or make Animotos with pictures if time
(10 min) It's Show Time!

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