Week 1 Plan


Today we will write drafts of Where I Am From poems.  The purpose of these poems is to introduce ourselves to each other.  Through doing this, we will explore how we are complex, interesting beings!

We will also get an introduction to some of the technologies we will use to give our poems a voice and talk about the power of sharing with a larger audience if you choose to do so.

1. Example Where I Am From Poems

2. Where I Am From Starter

3. Brainstorm
  • Share ideas for your Where I Am From poem with a partner.
  • Share ideas for your Where I Am From poem with the class.
4.  Write a draft of your Where I Am From poem.  This can be in English or Spanish.
(If you finish early, draw pictures or find pictures that represent sections of your poem. You may use the magazines, or with help from staff begin a search on the iPad for copyright free pictures and save them on the camera roll.  Begin thinking of ways you may quickly act out some of your sections.)

5. Read your poem out loud to your partner.  Think about your voice projection (speak loudly and with confidence.)

6.  Edit with your partner for spelling, capitalization, punctuation, etc.

7.  Preview of tomorrow: Storyboard Preproduction

8.  Overview walk through of iPad 
On/off, microphone, volume, camera, apps. 
  • a.  Take a picture.  See it in the camera roll.  Delete it.
  • b.  Take a short video.  Watch it.  Delete it.
  • c.  Go to the Dropbox App. (This is where you will find pictures the staff take.) 
  • d.  Take a screenshot by holding down the on/off button and the large circle button in the middle bottom of your iPad at the same time.   Look at it.  Delete it.
Use the SAME iPad each day.  Sign out with staff and record where you are in the video production process with staff.
9. Bonus! (if time)  Video Production & practice.

Extension Activity:
  • Bring your poem tomorrow!
  • Refine your poem.
  • Draw pictures and/or bring props tomorrow that will help you make a video of your poem.
  • Think about the presentation of your poem on the iPad.  Think about the Storyboard 
Daily Overview
Today we are going to create our Where I Am From movies on the iPad using iMovie.  As you go through this, keep in mind the process.  Be creative and have fun!  Think quality over quantity as you shoot for a 30 second to 1 minute final video.  If you don't finish today, save it and come back to it tomorrow.

1.  Read your poem aloud to your partner (6 min)
  • Voice Projection and Pronunciation
  • Discuss how you might display it on the iPad.  (Consider possible video shots, pictures, text, narration, and music.)
Storyboard Pre-production 

2.  Video Production Process (4 min)

3. Getting Started with iMovie on iPad tutorial (10 min)

4.  Storyboard Pre-production (Steps 4 and 5: 30 min)

5.   Production!  Each person may make one or  make one together. Either way, you will help each other.
  • Title: Include your FIRST name and Poem.  ie. Cheridy's Poem
  • 30 seconds - 1 minute
  • Let your staff member know when you are done.  They will help you save it or upload it to You Tube if you are ready. 
  • Delete any unwanted videos and pictures from your iPad camera roll.

Sign in your iPad with staff member!  It will be important that you get the same iPad tomorrow, especially if you didn't finish.

6. Wrap Up:  What did you learn from this experience? What tips did you learn to share with others? (5 min)

Extension: As we have time, we will blog about some of our experiences in writing.  Writing will also help you generate ideas for a future video production.

If you finish, write in your journal about your experience on the high ropes.  Here are some ideas to get you started.

Describe your experience at the challenge course.  What did you do?  What were your goals  Did you accomplish them?  How did you feel, before, during and after.  What did you learn about your potential?  What did you learn about yourself as a leader Curso de Desafios: Describe tu experiencia en el curso de desafio. Que hiciste? Cuales fueron tus metas? Cumpliste tus metas? Como te sentiste antes, durante, y despues de tu experiencia? Que aprendiste? 

Possible Starters:
  • When I first got at the challenge course, I felt... because
  • During the challenge course, I felt... because
  • After the challenge course, I felt... because
  • I learned... about myself from this experience.
  • As a result of the challenge course experience, I feel.. 
____________________________ TUESDAY

Overview  Today we are going to continue on our video production journey.  We are going to focus on some of the main concepts you have learned in the leadership institute so far.  As we move forward, continue to reflect on these words and their meaning in your life.

*Note: Today, staff will help you link your completed video creations to your blog.

1.  Continue your Where I Am From Video. You may want to add some pictures from the OMLI.  If you finish, continue on under the guidance of your staff leader. 

2. OMLI Language  (Discuss in small groups)

·      Definition
·      Examples from the institute, from real life
·      Impact these words will have on your future

3. Language Video Challenge
Take 1-5 of these words and bring them alive in 30 second - 1 minute video.  (Song, art, poem, dance, acting, descriptions, examples.) Here are some ideas of how to do that. Keep in mind the process.

Here are some ideas:
  • Take 5-10 pictures or short video clips that demonstrate these words or tell a story about them.
  • Give definitions of the words in your own words
  • Give examples from life of positive and negative use of each of these words
  • Demonstrate your "new" understanding of these words.

Wrap Up:  Let your staff member know where you are in the process and what your plan is to finish on Thursday (ie. how much time will you need, what will you do to make sure you can finish.)

Extension:  If you finish, journal.  You may do this in your private journal or on the public blog.

Here are some ideas:   
  • Write about these words and what they mean to you personally. 
  • Write about your time at the OMLI.

Overview Today is our wrap up day.  In this short time together, we have gained an introduction to video production using the iPad.  You have explored some large concepts and given them a voice!  You have also journaled and reflected on some of your experiences.  Way to go!  Today is the day to bring it all together.

*Note to staff:  We likely won't make it through all of this, but it is here just in case.  If a group finishes early, you may refer them to option B at anytime during the institute.

Must Wrap Up's:  
1.  Finish Language video if needed.

2.  Make sure all of your videos to-date have been uploaded on You Tube and published on our blog.

2. Delete all unwanted videos and photos from the camera roll.

If 1-3 are done, begin Option A and blog.

It's show time!  (Last 20 minutes) Watch videos together and enjoy popcorn.

Option A:  Blog about your overall experience here and learning.  (After you make at least one post, you may leave encouraging comments to others on the blog.)

Here are some ideas for blog posts:
  • Use one of the entries you wrote by hand, and put it on the blog.
  • Describe what you did at the OMLI and learned.
  • Describe your favorite part of the OMLI and explain why.
  • Explain how you will take one or more concepts from your OMLI experience into your future.

Option B for early birds:  Make a final short video.

Here are some ideas:
  • Make a video trailer for your parents, teachers, etc. giving a glimpse (sneak peak) into what you have learned and done here.
  • Storyboard and script 1. how you felt and knowledge at the beginning of the institute, 2. How you feel at the end and what you learned  3.  What you will do as a result (How it will impact your future)
 Great job!

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